Preliminary Round – Kendal Town Hall – Monday 4th July 2016

The Preliminary round of this year’s award will start at 10.20 and run till about 15.00 when the names of the four finalists will be announced.   This year, eight gifted young musicians will compete in the Prelims.   The timetable is pasted below.

Admission by programme costs £5 for the whole or part of the day.  Coffee and tea will be available in the Town Hall adjacent the concert hall from 11.00 and snack lunches at 12.30.   A special concert / lunch combination ticket costs £7.50.

Harry Still                Drum Kit           10:20
Jodie Bland         Eb Tenor Horn      10:40

Coffee Break: 11:00 – 11:30

Euan Lee                  Piano               11:30
Joe Davies               Cello                11:50
Rebecca Chandler   Voice               12:10

Lunch Break: 12:30 – 13:30

Daniel McLaughlin     Piano               13:30
Ophelia Appleby        Voice                13:50
Heather Storer          Violin                14.10

Tea Break: 14:30 – 15:00


Tickets (price £10 each) for the finals at Grange Victoria Hall on Friday 2nd September can now be purchased.  See website (attend) for details.  They will also be available at the Prelims on 4th July.