Winning the 28th Keldwyth Award

“It was such an honour winning the Keldwth Award last year [2010] and I am extremely grateful for the financial aid towards my music studies. I decided to go to Italy for nine months, to study the language and to take singing lessons. The money enabled me to attend lessons with a Professor from Bologna Conservatorio di Musica, G B Martini. We worked mainly on technique, relaxation and pronunciation as well as on many different Italian songs. These lessons were invaluable to me.

The award also enabled me to attend Evelyn Tubb’s Masterclass back in England. I learned an incredible amount from the session and it made me a lot more aware of my presence on a stage.

The remainder of the money has helped pay for lessons with my singing teacher in England since I returned from Italy.The award not only helped financially but it also gave me such a confidence boost and has really made to want to pursue further studies and so I am currently applying for many courses.”