Roseanna Skikun

Since winning the Keldwyth Award in 2010, Roseanna Skikun has continued to study singing. She decided to go to Italy to study the language and to find singing lessons with an Italian teacher. She attended many lessons with an Italian singing teacher and Professor from Bologna Conservatorio di Musica G B Martini. Roseanna also joined a choir and took part in may different concerts throughout the year. Roseanna took part in Evelyn Tubb’s masterclass in England, organised by Pro Nobis Choir.

This summer, Roseanna performed as ‘Spirit’ in Evelyn Tubb and Michael Fields’ production of Dido and Aeneas for the Lake District Summer Music Festival. She will be attending Evelyn Tubb’s residential music course in October. Roseanna is currently applying for further music studies and she is still attending singing lessons with Austin Gunn in Newcastle.